Jul 07, 2020 – Salk scientists discover genetic “dial” to turn immune function up and down to target cancer, autoimmune disease [click to view]

Aug 27, 2019 – New target for autoimmune disease could enable therapies with fewer side effects [click to view]

Nov 06, 2017 – Immune cell policing offers insights into cancer, autoimmune disease [click to view]

May 02, 2016 – Salk promotes four leading scientists in the fields of neuroscience, circadian rhythms and immunology [click to view]

Nov 18, 2015 – Blocking immune cell treats new type of age-related diabetes [click to view]

Aug 14, 2014 – Genetic signal prevents immune cells from turning against the body [click to view]

May 06, 2010 – Salk scientist named 2010 Rita Allen Scholar [click to view]